Explore architecture and design with a global community of online creators. 

  • Develop Interactive Content for your Creative Portfolio

  • Be part of a global community exploring architectural design

  • Share your work in Virtual Studio Environment

  • Discuss your ideas one-on-one with our Faculty

  • Access to Master Classes and Technical Tutorials

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July 6th 2020


2 Week


us$ 750 per Module

Develop beautiful interactive content and create  a stunning portfolio of your creative work. 

The program introduces participants to series of conceptual principles and techniques including: 3D modelling, Photogrammetry, Rendering and Compositing.

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MAKINGANDMEANING is an online course  taught in two complementary modules exploring Architectural Design from the perspective of immersive representation. The course introduces participants to digital tools and techniques within a conceptual design framework pitting the everyday against the unusual to create evocative content and digital experiences. 

July 6 - 17th

(40 hours to complete)

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  • 3D Asset Manipulation

  • Lighting

  • Rendering

  • Photogrammetry

  • AR Integration

  • Social Media Distribution

July 20 - 31st

(40 hours to complete)

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  • 3D Modeling

  • Material Attributes

  • POV

  • Compositing

  • VR Integration

  • Website Creation

" Working together online allows for previously unimaginable level of connectivity and opens up a whole new set of possibilities in architectural education: A boundless global community creating and sharing design content with the ultimate goal of advancing what's possible." ​ Alexis Rochas, Program Coordinator

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